9545 Kings Charter Drive

Ashland VA 23005


Store Hours:

Monday through Wednesday 10:00-6:00

Thursday and Friday 10:00-7:00

Saturday 10:00-6:00

The idea


 After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, I had fears of how I was going to survive financially during treatment.  I realized for years I had watched the ones around me being Brave at very difficult times in their lives and taking chances to survive. Not only did they survive but they also helped others.  I decided to start Brave Boutique and donate 20 % of all monthly sales to various non profit organizations that help men,  women and children who make their dreams come true or help them in times when Bravery is needed, while also helping those in need with clothing, home decor, Christmas gifts, medication expenses, gas cards, Groceries etc. It is not always sickness that takes Bravery but also the loss of a child, spouse, home, job, etc. Life is Hard and at some point we all need help.  I also wanted to help other artist like myself have a place to showcase and sell their art. I know many talented artist that I wanted to join together and have a strong sense of "family". I am beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and I am grateful for each of them.  Brave boutique is one of my greatest accomplishments. I am thankful we have such a wonderful boutique to share not only our products but also our stories, all while helping others. A few examples of the non profits organizations we aim to help are:  Meredith's miracles colon cancer foundation, who started their Foundation to help patients with financial need after her sister died of colon cancer in her 20's. Comfort zone camp, which mentors children after the death of a parent.  Daughters for Dads, who started their Foundation to help cancer patients with financial needs after their own father died of Brain cancer. These are just a few examples of the organizations we will help. If you know of a foundation in need please send us information to about their organization and we will review it to see if we can help. 


Artist information

We encourage American artist,  jewelry designers, textile artist, photographers, ceramic artist,  painters etc. to join with us and become featured artist and sell your work at Brave boutique. We at Brave will sell the artists items on commission. All Artist work will sell at the set price by the artist and Brave will donate 20% of its commission to the non profits and let the artist earn the rest.  Artist can contact us at: to join us.  

100% Committed

Satisfaction Guarantee. Love every item or return it for an exchange or store credit.  All returns must be returned within the return period of 30 days with original receipt, except during holiday season. Clothes must be returned, unwashed with tags still attached. Any defects will be replaced if available or refund will be issued. Individual artist are responsible for original artwork pieces. 


9545 Kings Charter Drive Ashland VA 23005